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Ombre Wedding Cake Inspiration – Mon Cheri Studios Blog

Ombre has been pretty popular this year with many celebrities and models rocking it on their hair, nails, and clothes but what I’m most  most excited to see the ombre trend is with wedding cakes. For those of you who may not know what ombre is, the word was borrowed from the french language and means shaded or shading. Ombre goes from light to dark in one particular color or can be a light to shaded of multiple colors (see below for example). Ombre coloring on wedding cakes add a modern twist that isn’t overly trendy. Here are some of my favorite ombre wedding cakes that I’ve seen on the Internet. Enjoy!

Now there’s a couple ways you can play with the ombre trend. You can go from light to dark in one particular color like this lovely lavender cake.

ombre wedding cake

Photo courtesy of: HeartLoveWeddings


If you want your cake to be a solid color but you like the way ombre looks, then you should try ombre on the inside of the cake. It’s subtle but it adds a nice surprise.

Ombre Wedding Cake

Photo courtesy of: Call Me Cupcake


This is for those that LOVE color! Ombre doesn’t have to stay in one particular, it can actually span a couple different ones. The only thing I want to point out is the colors that you pick should make sense and flow as they transition from one into another. The cake below is a great example of how you can use three colors to make an ombre effect.

ombre wedding cake

Photo courtesy of: Wedding Chicks

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